Poll: Why do you visit coin dealers?

    Poll Question:

    In preparation for an article I'm writing on collecting and the business of dealers, I would enjoy getting your input on what coin dealers mean to you. I have tried to best segment the possibilities as I see them, but please feel free to add anythingI may have missed--thanks!

    Question: What is your most important reason for visiting a coin dealer?

    Choose a statement from the list below that best fits you.


    I collect very specific coins and want dealers to assist me with my continuing collection.

    I collect slabbed coins, and use dealers to buy these at a fixed trends price

    I buy raw coins from dealers in whom I trust their own grading/pricing standards.

    I know what I want, and simply visit dealers to select from their inventory: the more the better

    I buy coins off eBay: dealers are not local or do not have what I want.

    I buy coins primarily at shows for better access to inventory

    I buy or trade most of my coins with other collectors

    I don't visit dealers. I collect coins from circulation.

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