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    Are all of this guys coins fakes?

    At least two of his US dollars, his British trade dollar and the French Indo-china trade dollar are fakes. Don't know enough about the others to tell, but hopefully someone else here can tell.

    Picked up a box of Quarters today.... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT !

    Well, I never thought this would happen to me. First of all, I never thought I would have any interest in roll searching Quarters, but after deciding that I'd like to get some decent conditioned "P" Territory Qtrs. before they're too crappy looking to keep. And I thought there'd be a VERY tiny chance that I might actually find some silver.....or even some old Canadian coinage.....or other foreign coinage .....whatever. So, this $500.00 box of qtrs. came in today and I picked them up (along with five boxes of Cents).....and I bring them all the way excited to begin my endeavor. I sit down at my "coin station" desk and open up the box.....

    Sinking Feeling In My Stomach...

    Got this off ebay about 6 months ago. Should have paid more attention at the time... 12.45 grams - almost per spec 12.44 grams...

    How many states in the US tax coins?

    So in how many states in the US is there a sales tax on coins? I know for a fact that no sales tax is charged for them in New York, Ohio, New Hampshire, Alabama, and Indiana. Do you know whether there is a tax on coins in the other 45 states? Also, what is your opinion on this matter? Do you think that since all coins are commodities for sale they should be taxed like any other product, or do you think that since they were not produced to be sold (in many cases) they should be viewed as not a normal commodity? Or do you think that only commemoratives, proofs, and other NIFCs should be taxed?

    No date standing liberty quarter (1916?)

    I got some standing liberties in a junk silver quarter lot today, and 3 of them, while dateless, are type 1. What is the value of a dateless type one, is it still only melt value?

    Strange 2005 5 cents pictures. Waiting for CCCS result soon.

    I found this 1945-2005 Canada 5-cent 60Th Anniversary of the Victory in Europe Brilliant Uncirculated with a double strike of the Victory V and flame smaller. Couldn't believe it the 5 cent is flawless and have this double strike of the flame V smaller in wrong direction.

    Standing Liberty Quarter junk silver lot!

    So, I just received a lot of standing liberty junk silver today at about $3 a coin. 80 total. Nothing too exciting, but several interesting finds...I got 8 dateless(or nearly so) type 1s, a couple of them were S mints. I always hope for a 1916, but based on the diagnostics I was looking at, I don't think any of them fit that description. However, I did receive this.

    Pawn Stars

    Does anyone watch this TV show on the History Channel?

    Is it time for a new Silver Eagle design?

    Is it time for a new Silver Eagle design? I personally do. It's 23 years old and it's bland. It's the same thing over and over each year. Let's CHANGE the eagle design for each year. Let's use the past eagle designs starting from the U.S. Colonial, the 1792 patterns, through the present.

    Susan B. Anthony Dollar collectors. Are there any here?

    I have yet to see any collectors of SBA's. The shortest dollar run in the history of the country.There are things to to do with those.

    Interesting 1865 3 Cent with cud, clash, & rotation

    This coin is very common as far as I know, but what makes it interesting is not that there is the beginning of a cud on the obverse, but that the dies are in 180 degree rotation upon both clash and strike. The clashed portrait of Liberty's head can be seen on the reverse in 180 rotation.

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